Har Shaakh Pey Ullu Beitha Hai

Har Shaakh Pey Ullu Betha Hai

Har Shaakh Pey Ullu - Image

Cricket kay Maidanon mian
Senate Main Aeywanon Main
Shehroon Main aur Weeranon Main
Daftar Main bhi Shahrahoon Main …

Jo Dekhon har Jaa ye Dekhoon
Dil Khoon ke Ansoo Roota haiy
Har Shaakh pe ullu beitha hiay
Har Shaakh pe ullu beitha haiy

Dubai Karachi ke Chakkar
Har Rukh dikhaye Ek Manzar
Tu Khamosh Rahey to haiy Behtar
Choorh De Rab pe Khud kuch na kar

Jo Dekhon har Jaa ye Dekhoon
Dil Khoon ke Ansoo Roota haiy
Har Shaakh pe ullu beitha hiay
Har Shaakh pe ullu beitha haiy

Promotion Increment Kay Da’awey
MisLeader Ek Ek Kar ke Bhagey
Company Abb Peechey Hum Agey
Awam se Keh do Abb na Jagey

Jo Dekhon har Jaa ye Dekhoon
Dil Khoon ke Ansoo Roota haiy
Har Shaakh pe ullu beitha hiay
Har Shaakh pe ullu beitha haiy

Strong Hein Hum bhai Weak Nahi
Tu Soch le ye Kuch Theek Nahi
Haiy Rah phir kiyun Tujh ko Raas Nahi ??
Islam ka Tujh ko Paas Nahi … !!

Har Shaakh Pey Ullu Betha Hai

22 Tips in 2 Steps on How to “Slowly Stabilize” a Stable Organization?

STEP ONE: Declare that the Stable organization is now Un-Stable & apply the following TKB Best Practices

  1. Create negative, bogus, frivolous & false propaganda to build a case for dissolution.
  2. Bring losses to the organization in order to lower the shareholdings of performing partners.
  3. Convert non-issues to issues & create more unnecessary issues every day.
  4. Apply Coercion and Threats to increase partner Retirement age.
  5. Cannibalize,Encroach and Usurp performing & profitable practice segment portfolios
  6. Damage & Destroy all International relationships & practice growth areas.
  7. Instill mutiny within performing teams by giving few of the opportunistic staff lollipops for promotions and by giving undue & unauthorized heavy salary increments and authority.
  8. Illegally and with malafide designs attempt to restructure and reorganize already performing practice segments, while ignoring the chronic loss-making ones.
  9. Institute illegal cases to obtain ex-parte (without listening to  the other side) stay orders to limit partner performance and growth.
  10. Deliberately avoid timely business decisions where required and stop necessary spending.
  11. Stop hiring of necessary personnel to limit performance and compromise customer service levels in order to destroy the segment and bring bad customer repute.
  12. Disturb & trouble performing talented employees who will not be supportive to such drama so that they opt to leave the organization in order to replace them with new heads unaware of this white collar crime.
  13. Usurping authority, forcefully terminate few performing and sincere employees to harass, terrorize & threaten others with a similar fate.
  14. Plan losses to the organization by shying away from new business opportunities, diverting business to other companies, making unfavorable outsourcing arrangements to park profits outside, hiring and retaining unwanted administration staff, over staffing, extending staff on your payroll to serve other companies.
  15. Kill transparency by removing access of other directors to any already available Executive Information System/ Dashboards and hide all accounting and business Information.
  16. Increase non-productive spending to lower profits and bring losses.
  17. Shift business and projects from performing segments to loss-making ones to cover up and hide losses of non-performing partners.
  18. Lead towards an artificial cash-flow situation to show that the organization is in a problem.
  19. Deliberately delay employee salaries to keep reinforcing the idea.
  20. Lastly apply & shamelessly enjoy an absolutely pathetic pressure tactic of inflicting mental and financial torture on families of performing partners by holding back their outstanding salary & other outstanding payments in order to frustrate them to leave.

STEP TWO: Declare that the Stable Organization is now “Slowly Stablizing”    

  1. Keep humiliating your performing partners.
  2. Congratulate and thank all the employees on helping you to “slowly stabilize” an already stable organization.

Important Note: Exercise with caution. In some  cases, these TKB best practices may not have the desired effect and might result in irritation of eyes, skin, throat, stomach upset & insomnia. In such situations it is advisable to avoid further consultation with your TKB advisors.

Copyright 2015: Truck Ki Batti.

Disclaimer: All characters and situations appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons or organizations, living or dead, is purely coincidental.